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Beyond Plymouth Rock: Vol. I, The Ties That Bind

Beyond Plymouth Rock, Vol. I

This popular history of 20th century Plymouth up to World War II explores the toils, triumphs, joys, and sorrows of people who lived through a period of extreme change and catastrophic world events. 

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Beyond Plymouth Rock: Vol. II, A Welcoming Place

Beyond Plymouth Rock: Vol II, A Welcoming Place

This second volume explores post-WWII Plymouth through 1980. Like its predecessor, this volume is an oversized 176-page paperback book with 150 illustrations. ON SALE: $20 plus shipping

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Burial Hill in the 1990s

Burial Hill in the 1990s

The first major work that locates and documents conditions of more that 2,000 gravestones in Plymouth's oldest cemetery, dating from 1657.  

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